Air Curtains Australia

Over the past 26 years the company has developed and evolved into Air Curtains Australia Pty Ltd (ACA), one of Australia’s leading air curtain suppliers.

ACA supplies to commercial, industrial and residential markets, specialising in all types of air curtains including industrial air curtains, heated air curtains, commercial air curtains, stainless steel air curtains, recessed air curtains and high air flow air curtains.


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An air curtain creates an invisible barrier between two areas of differing environmental conditions without hindering the movement of people or vehicles, thus saving energy, time and money.


    An air curtain is designed to generate a continuous air stream with sufficient volume and speed between areas of differing environmental conditions, therefore limiting the transfer of air between openings, which leads to net energy reductions.


    Limit energy loss from conditioned areas.

    Increase building efficiency. 

    Reduce carbon emissions.

    Aid the campaign for a sustainable planet.

    Decrease product wastage. 

    Reduce overall running costs.

    Save time at frequently used openings.


    Indoor air pollution is often overlooked, however it can cause serious damage to your health. It’s the indoor pollutants that are likely to get people sick, causing symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, shortness of breath, hypersensitivity to allergies, sinus congestion, dizziness and nausea.


    Resistance to airborne dust, pollutants, fumes, odours and insects.

    Enhance building sanitation levels.

    Recover stratified air - which equalises temperature layers throughout the space.

    Reduce employee absenteeism.

    Maintain a clean indoor atmosphere.


    Air curtains are especially effective where an opening is frequently used for operational purposes as they increase productivity and floor space, improve vision and reduce the risk of an accident occurring in the workplace. 


    Unrestricted vision around openings.

    Prevent freezing in cold storage units. 

    Additional floor space.

    Improve employee efficiency.

    Reduce condensation in and around cold storage areas.

    More aesthetically appealing than plastic strip doors or high-speed doors.

    Decrease door maintenance costs.



Where abouts and what do you intend to use an air curtain for?

Industrial, Commercial or Residential area.

An office building, loading dock, cold storage unit, cafe, pharmaceutical manufacturer, warehouse, residential building, shopping centre, airport, distribution centre,  hotel, food manufacturer, hospital, mine or abattoir.


CONDITIONED AREAS - typically located at the entrance to shopping centres, retail stores and office or residential buildings to prevent outdoor air inside the conditioned space.

INDUSTRIAL AREAS - generally located at loading docks or service hatchets as well as interior doors between areas of differing environmental conditions.

COLD STORAGE UNITS - air curtains will reduce the loss of refrigerated air, minimise temperature variations, whilst preventing freezing and condensation of the cold storage unit.

Some other areas of application include mining industry, food and pharmaceutical processing plants, dairies, abattoirs, restaurants, cafes, night clubs and bars, supermarkets, hospitals and waiting rooms, antique stores, sports centres, butchers, museums and electronic factories.


Selecting the correct air curtain for the type and size of doorway is extremely important to ensure optimum efficiency, comfort and performance. The air velocity needs to match the height of the doorway so the air flow is still producing the necessary output at ground level for the higher archways or not to powerful in the lower archways which will be uncomfortable for people passing through. The entire width of the passage way must be covered.

The noise of the air curtain depends on several factors including the size of the space, the motor, installation height and the number of air curtains together.

All our air curtains can be installed in a modular way to form a consistent shield to ensure the entire width of the doorway is covered.


Do you require heated or ambient (non heated) air.

Heated air curtains can also be useful as space heaters.


RECESSED - fitted in ceiling

Recessed air curtains are a great option when you need a stylish or more subtle design.

EXPOSED - mounted on exterior